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Fiberglass Windows

GEM is not willing to compromise on looks or performance, and we demand superior comfort and low maintenance for our customers. With fiberglass windows we can give you all of that along with a small environmental footprint. GEM obtains fiberglass windows from the highest quality manufacturer, Pella Windows. These windows come in a range of awning, casement, double-hung, single hung, picture and sliding windows. 


Energy efficiency is also an important feature thus our fiberglass windows are Energy Star Rated and designed for lifetime use.  Fiberglass windows are also natural insulators minimizing the heat and cold transfers from the elements.

Fiberglass is available in custom sizes with high-quality  powder coated finishes in a selection of popular colours .  These finishes are long lasting and durable, resistant to chipping, cracking and fading. Fiberglass is protected against water, rot and corrosion. 


Fiberglass works well for both windows and doors. In fact, fiberglass entry doors are one of the most popular choices in the industry because they are engineered to last with sleek, timeless style. 


Our Pella line of fiberglass windows are incredibly strong and durable. A custom created Pella fiberglass blend provides superior strength against other leading window materials.  It resists dents, bends and breaks and has virtually no expansion and contraction to help improve energy efficiency. These windows provide long-term stability for a dependable operation.


The newest innovation in Pella fiberglass is the Easy-slide operators. This sleek and minimalist design glides for an even smoother operation.  Available on the casements and awning windows, these crankless windows also come with a screen. 

For a better look at the range of amazing fiberglass windows GEM offers, swipe through the fiberglass windows gallery below.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

Built to last, Pella has created a proprietary blend of fiberglass for their windows and doors. The blend starts with an interlocking structural mat, next a layer of fibers are added in intricate patterns for strength. Polymer resin is added and heated to create a strong material that the windows are built from.


Standard Options

  • Powder coated exterior finish

  • Double glazed loE Argon

  • Fold away handles or cam action lock

  • Screens on operating windows


Additional Options

  • 4 additional standard exterior colours

  • Two-tone windows available

  • Easy-Slide operator on casements and awnings

  • Choice of hardware and finishes

  • Glass choice (upgraded LoE)

  • Grills or texture glass



Pella provides a limited lifetime warranty on fiberglass windows. 


For further details on our warranty click here.

Glossary of Terms

ENERGY STAR - A volunteer organization that is in partnership with industry leaders and the Government of Canada to ensure high efficiency products. GEM is the winner of the ENERGY STAR Retailer of the year award for 2018/2019.

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