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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see the windows and doors in your showroom?
    YES! GEM has a large showroom filled with and displaying a large selection of our products and product lines that were carefully curated for our customers. Our showroom is located at 1590 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 1V1. To book a showroom visit or an in-house appointment click here [insert a link to booking page].
  • Does GEM offer an onsite or in-home visit before installation?
    Our team is both inside sales and outside sales, our outside sales team can come out to your home to take images, measurements and talk about the scope of your project. They do not quote in the home, our team works on highly customized quotes with a selection of products to help you achieve your goals. Click here to book your appointment.
  • How do I choose the right windows and doors with so many options available?
    That’s where GEM’s knowledgeable representatives come in. A GEM professional will discuss your project, budget, and preferences with you so as to evaluate, advise, suggest and present the best combination of windows and doors to suit your particular needs. Book an appointment with a GEM representative to get started. [insert link for booking page]
  • What is typically involved in a showroom visit?
    During your visit to the GEM showroom, you will meet with professionally trained and experienced representatives. The representative will discuss your goals, needs and wants whiles they guide you through the product choices suitable and available to you. Our showroom has a selection of windows and doors showcasing design and color options. Once you have made your selections the GEM representative will prepare a competitive quote for you. Click here to book your GEM showroom appointment today to get started.( insert Booking page )
  • Are quotes really free?
    Yes, GEM provides a free general estimate on residential homes. This also includes an onsite visit or showroom consultation or both to make sure that we are quoting you what you want. Click here to request a free quote.
  • Why can't I get general pricing for windows and doors?
    GEM offers a selection of carefully curated product lines to provide our customers with the right choices for their homes. We have product lines that range from premium quality vinyl to exceptional aluminum wood, aluminum clad to high-end hot-rolled carbon steel frame window and doors. With all the options to choose from, there is nothing general about us or our customers, each quote is custom just like your home. Book a consultation with one of our representatives to get started. Pricing and quotes depend on the type of installation, location of the property, and the overall or entire scope of work. Click here to contact us.
  • How long does it take to get my free quote?
    Typically a residential quote takes two days to prepare. If you are requesting customized items, that will require us to send out to our suppliers for pricing it can take a few extra days, new construction projects requiring our team to review architectural drawings, plans, and/or window schedules can take up to a week. Your GEM representative will advise you if the quote will take longer than usual.
  • Do you offer payment options?
    YES! GEM offers financing on all its installed contracts and your GEM representative will help you customize the best payment plan for your project.
  • How does the Government of Canada Greener Homes Rebate program work when I replace new windows and doors?
    To apply for a Greener Home rebate, the program requires the homeowner to get a pre and post-audit from a third-party, government-approved/certified energy auditing company in order to qualify. The pre-audit recommends which products in your home should be replaced to improve the energy efficiency of the home. If windows and doors are on the list of recommendations, visit our GEM showroom and work with one of our representatives to choose the best windows for your home that will qualify for the rebate program. Once the installation is complete you need to contact your energy auditing company to perform a post-energy audit, which is then submitted to the Greener Homes program and your government-issued rebate amount will be based on the upgrades you made. For more information on the Government of Canada Greener Home rebate program. Click here to learn more
  • How do I measure my windows and doors?
    You can take basic measurements of your windows and doors to help move your quote along. These measurements will be used to prepare a preliminary estimate or quote, final measurements are done by our install team after a contract has been signed and before any products are ordered. Click here to check out our how-to, for diagrams and detail on how to measure your products.
  • Will condensation be eliminated when I purchase new windows?
    The simple answer is no. Condensation is the result of humidity in your home, not the functionality of your windows. When the humidity is high in your home the water vapors are seen on the surface of the area with the lowest temperature, which in most cases is on glass surfaces of windows and doors. Although condensation may seem a bother it is actually a good indicator that you have good windows, they are helping to keep your home sealed from any air drafts. Click here to check out our How-to’s for tips on how to combat condensation in your home.
  • Does condensation mean my window has a seal failed?
    No, condensation on your windows means that they are working really well. When you have condensation on your windows that you can touch it means that you have an air-tight area where the moisture can not escape. If you can not touch the condensation and it is inside the glass unit then your unit has failed, contact your window supplier to discuss options for replacement.
  • What is the best way to reduce sound with my windows?
    There are two options to reduce sound in your home. The more traditional way is to upgrade your double pane glass to a triple-glazed window, which dampens sound because it must travel between three panes of glass instead of two. Another and better option for sound reduction is to purchase windows and doors with laminate glass (instead of regular or tempered glass). The laminated glass allows for a double glazed unit with each pane having a different thickness. By having different thicknesses, typically 6mm and 3mm, the sound transmittance is reduced more than if it was passing through three 3mm panes of glass. Laminated glass is also a good security feature as it is very difficult to break or penetrate. Laminated glass offers both soundproofing and added security from breakage.
  • What are your warranty terms and conditions?
    Each product comes with a best-in-class manufacturer-backed warranty and GEM 5-year labor warranty on the installation. Most warranties are attached to the property address and are transferable upon sale of the property to the new owner. All warranty periods begin on the date of installation. Click here to visit the warranty section on our website for more details and to download specific product warranties (where applicable)
  • Do you make custom windows and doors?
    All our products are customized to your specific needs. Our representatives will consult with you to assess your specific needs to recommend and present the best product offering to you.
  • How long does it take to get my order?
    Lead times vary depending on supplier/fabricator and are based on time of year, raw material availability, product order and/or level of customization, delivery lead times, or other global supply chain factors. Speak with your GEM representative to get an estimated lead time based on your product selection. Under normal circumstances, most GEM products have an average lead time of 8 to 12 weeks.
  • What is the difference between a retrofit and a full replacement window frame?
    A retrofit installation inserts a new window into an existing opening while retaining the interior jamb and trim. A full replacement (also referred to as brick to brick) removes the entire window and trim from the opening, going back to the studs and installing a new window with a new jamb and trim. Our representatives can advise you on the best installation method for your specific project.
  • How long does installation take?
    GEM has the best installation crews in the Province, full-time window and door industry professionals who are Window Wise trained and certified and work effectively and efficiently. GEM installers are also fully insured and WSIB certified. Your installation will depend on the scope of work. Once a GEM installer has done a site visit and taken the final measure they will advise our Production Department upon booking your installation we will advise you as to the timing of your particular installation.
  • Does GEM install windows and doors during winter months?
    YES! Weather conditions permitting, GEM installs all year round. Our teams are equipped with installation materials that are made for colder weather. GEM install crews are instructed to remove and install 1 product at a time, ensuring that your home is open to the elements for a minimal amount of time. Notwithstanding the season, there may be weather conditions or circumstances such as extreme cold, heavy snowfall, extreme icing conditions or driving rain or other safety reasons when we can not install, in which case a GEM representative will contact you to reschedule to the first available date possible.
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