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Carbon Steel Interior Doors
Aluminum Interior Doors
Feature Interior Walls

With interior spacing and configuration being a high commodity in real estate, making the most of that space is crucial. GEM’s interior products are a great solution, making one room into two or adding a bit of privacy to existing space by dividing and soundproofing working/office space from living space. With a wide selection of materials to choose from, GEM’s consultants can work with you to find the best product to fit your design and budget. Book an appointment today and visit our showroom to see available options.

Carbon Steel Interior Doors

Carbon Steel

GEM’s line of carbon steel frame windows, doors and room dividers is our best seller and the most versatile and customizable. These non-insulated frames are hand crafted to your design specifications. With the ability to slide, fold and swing our galvanized carbon steel products make a great first impression. 


A sliding door is a great way to close off a space without taking up precious square footage in your room. For smaller openings try a barn door. These modern options can be a decorative feature when open and functional when closed, which makes it a great choice for condos and small living spaces.  


Bi-folding doors allow spaces to be closed off when needed or to be stacked to one side so as to allow you to combine your rooms into one large space.  Our swing door collection is the most popular that can be used in many ways such as closets, pantries, wine rooms, bedrooms, office or work areas or basically any space where you need a door. Creating a carbon steel wall creates a contemporary and industrial look for any room. Add a door to it and get convenient functionality and wow factor.  


Visit our showroom to see displays and examples of our carbon steel line of “luxury” products, and work with a GEM team member to design what is best for your home and needs. Carbon steel frame products are custom made, hand welded and hand sanded, with a powder coated finish making them a “true work of art” which will enhance and enrich any home or office.

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Aluminum Interior Doors

Aluminum Interior Doors

A great alternative to carbon steel, GEM’s aluminum frame line has the same great functions but at a lower price point. Non-insulated aluminum doors are custom designed to fit your style. Choose from minimal frames and clear unobstructed views or intricate custom designs.  They are available in bi-folding, sliding and swing doors, and they can work in small spaces or large openings.  Ideal for condo living and office spaces.

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Feature Interior Walls

Feature Interior Walls 

A feature wall separating a space can add a unique design feature to any home.  Custom-designed, with or without glass, the wall can not only look great but will add function to an otherwise open area. Adding shelf areas for plants or photos, use glass combinations for privacy or colour. A GEM sales consultant has the expertise to help you make your design inspirations into your installed reality.

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Using either the GEM carbon steel or aluminum frame interior product lines will create multiple spaces and add more functionality to any home or office. GEM can also create divisions and partitions using frameless glass panels to create a glass wall between rooms. Creating an office from a large living room is achievable with a combination of folding walls and doors, with the ability to tuck away the walls when the whole space is needed, or to pull them out when it's time to work.  Also, great for creating a space just to relax and have some me time. Book your appointment with a GEM sales consultant today, and start designing your dream space. 

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Technical Specifications & Warranty

GEM’s interior doors are highly customizable and we work with you to find the right product to suit your look and budget. Each product line comes with its own specification and warranty. Speak with your GEM Windows & Doors specialist to find out more.

Glossary of Terms

Soundproofing  - Reducing the amplitude of soundwaves that passes through the door making it resistant to the passage of sound. 


Frames glass panel- A seamless glaze glass which has no obvious frame around it's perimeters 


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