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Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel windows and doors are the best choice for a luxurious and minimalist style. These steel frames provide a slim line that offers durability at the highest quality. The slim line has the thinnest sightlines without sacrificing strength or structure. 


Hand-welded, innovative and customizable GEM’s carbon steel products allow you to create the best look for your home. We offer both non-insulated and thermally broken extrusions that are perfect for interior and exterior applications. Packaged with GEM’s expertly trained installers, choosing carbon steel for your home is a choice you won’t regret.


Upgrade your home with German extruded carbon steel windows and realize your vision. These industrial looking windows are thermally broken and have options for hardware, providing you with the right functionality. Patterns can be done by either true divided lites (TDL) or simulated divided lites (SDL) with an option of sizing. Create a modern or traditional look, while keeping slim lines and great views.

Sliding Doors

GEM’s sliding door options provide a perfect solution for adding elegance without taking up space. These sliding doors are perfect for interior and exterior applications. Easy-to-use doors open up any room and can be custom designed, with either true divided lites (TDL) or simulated divided lites (STL), to fit your style.

Swing Doors

GEM’s carbon steel doors give any space a luxurious style. For both interior and exterior applications - there is a door to fit your design. Customize your door, with design patterns and hardware options. By adding these doors you can elevate the aesthetic of your home. With hollow tube or German extruded profiles, these doors are good for the main entry, exterior enclosures or even interior spaces.

Other Products

GEM’s carbon steel products are versatile and can be used in many creative applications. Pivot doors add a sense of style, with concealed top and bottom hinges. These doors can be a great way to turn an oversized space into a separate room to create airflow.  


With your custom steel design, barn doors can modernize any area. The panels glide across the opening and fit tight against the wall taking up minimal space.


Along with our collection of sliding doors, GEM’s carbon steel is also available as a bi-fold. Both for exterior and interior use, our bi-folds can elevate any space. For more information on all our bi-folding options see our large openings page


Dividing a room to create a new space in your home is easy with customizable carbon steel walls. For more information on interior partitions options see our interior products page.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

GEM’s carbon steel windows and doors are customizable.  GEM’s team will work with you to find the right product to suit your look and budget. Each product line comes with its own specification and warranty. Speak with your GEM Windows specialist to find out more.

Glossary of Terms

True divided lites (TDL) - Individual small units of glass are installed into frames with glass stops. The frames are based on the pattern design. 


Simulated divided lites (SDL) - A decorative exterior grill bar that is placed on a full/single glass unit. Interior guide bars may be between the glass. This creates the visual effect of dividing the glass into small units.

Sliding Doors
Swing Doors
Other Products
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