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Aluminum Clad

Aluminum clad windows provide the durability of aluminum and the classic warmth of wood. GEM offers a selection of classic, traditional, modern and contemporary window styles. Aluminum clad windows offer unrivaled creative freedom when designing windows for your home. Homeowners can select the size, shape, grill pattern, frame colour, wood type and even decorative glass design. 


The traditional product line offers high quality windows that work well in older homes and more urban neighborhoods. With their delicate profile, they can be installed into an existing frame without upsetting the historical character of an older home. With authentic hardware to compliment your window, you will have the same modern day reliability without sacrificing the traditional look of your home. 


If you’re looking to upgrade your esetic, or create a modern feel then look towards our contemporary line. This evolved contemporary design is taking the market by storm by providing a great alternative to fiberglass windows.  The clean lines and 90 degree exterior profiles deliver a  crisp sleek look. 


The extruded aluminum cladding provides durability and is available in a wide variety of colours to best meet your home's design. The window wood interior allows your inner designer to take over with options for the species of wood, standard stains and paints. 


Both traditional and contemporary windows come with a matching line of doors: swinging, sliding, bi-folding and stacking doors. 

Apart from contemporary and traditional designs, aluminum clad wood windows provide uncompromised attention to detail. Aluminum clad windows are cutting-edge innovations that solve modern-day inconveniences, all without compromising the integrity of your design.

Make any doorway a new bold experience each time with wood/aluminum clad sliding doors.

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Aluminum clad doors have excellent performance and bring the outdoors in.

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Your whole space with one product, these window and doors complement each other perfectly.

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Make any doorway a new bold experience each time with wood/aluminum clad sliding doors.

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Technical Specifications & Warranty

GEM’s aluminum clad windows are highly customizable and we work with you to find the right product to suit your look and budget. Each product line comes with its own specification and warranty. Speak with your GEM Windows & Doors specialist to find out more.

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