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Aluminum Doors

GEM’s aluminum doors are high quality, durable and sturdy.  These doors can flood the room with natural daylight, opening up your space to feel like you are letting the outside in. Available in different series and configurations, our team will help you customize your door. 


Aluminum doors are affordable and stylish for any home. These doors are available as swing, sliding, lift and slide and bi-fold door configurations. Each model is manufactured to meet your specific needs and perfectly compliment your home or building. These structural doors allow for many configurations allowing for larger openings and bigger glass areas, more so than your average steel insulated doors or sliding doors. The heavy duty hardware

allows for a smooth operation for those large openings making them easy to operate. All doors are thermally broken, keeping the unprodictable Canadian weather out, and your warm/cool interior climate in. 


These doors come with tempered glass and can be combined with a selection of LoE and argon to maximize your home's energy efficiency. 


GEM also has aluminum doors that are great for commercial buildings. These commercial aluminum doors can be thermally broken or just insulated. Visit our commercial products page for more information. 


These high quality, advanced doors beautifully combine aesthetics, affordability and luxury! Take a look at our gallery below for more details.  

Other types of aluminum doors that GEM has available are storm doors and interior doors, visit those pages for more information. For large openings in your home that require custom and specialized aluminum doors, visit our large openings page for all your options.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

GEM’s aluminum doors are highly customizable and we work with you to find the right product to suit your look and budget. Each product line comes with its own specification and warranty. Speak with your GEM Windows & Doors specialist to find out more.

Glossary of Terms

ENERGY STAR - A volunteer organization that is in partnership with industry leaders and the Government of Canada to ensure high efficiency products. GEM is the winner of the ENERGY STAR Retailer of the year award for 2018/2019.


Steel insulated door - Hot dipped galvanized steel sandwiched with a polyurethane foam insulation. Pine wood framing, treated against rot, helps maintain structure and help prevent warping. Some manufacturers use composite materials as an alternative to wood. 


Thermally broken - A space or insulating material used to create a break on conductive materials, helps reduce heat transfer.


Tempered glass - A heat/chemically treated glass to withstand more force then regular glass.  If broken, the glass will shatter into small chunks. Required in many Canadian and international building codes. 


LoE - Low emissivity glass (LoE) is a thin metallic layer that is applied directly to a glass (glazing) surface. A basic coat is virtually invisible, as more layers are added a slight change in tint may occur. 


Argon Gas -An odourless and colourless insert gas that helps to reduce heat transfer through the glass. 

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