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Guillotine Windows

Experience classic sophistication with GEM Elite Guillotine Windows, where timeless aesthetics meet modern functionality. These windows feature vertically sliding sashes that effortlessly glide within the frame, combining traditional design with contemporary automation for smooth operation. With the independent movement of the upper and lower sashes, you have complete control over ventilation options, allowing for a customized airflow that suits your preferences.


The GEM Elite Guillotine Windows prioritize convenience and efficiency. Designed for easy maintenance, they save you time and effort, providing hassle-free upkeep and freeing you from arduous cleaning routines.


The GEM Elite Guillotine Window is great for both residential and commercial applications.  In your home enclose existing spaces and make them usable more than a month out of the year, when in the full open position the bottom acts as a railing and can have a custom height to meet code requirements.  Have a floor-to-ceiling window that you can open just a little or a lot in your favorite spot in the house.  


This is great for restaurants that want to bring the outdoors in or enclose a patio. On the patio - if it is too windy no problem keep all the panels up and provide a barrier for your diners, bring the panels all down and let the diners enjoy the art of people-watching. Still want that outdoor feel when you have no patio, replace large windows with the GEM Elite Guillotine Windows and open them up to the elements.


Personalize your living spaces with GEM Elite Guillotine Windows. Choose from a wide range of finishes and colours to seamlessly integrate these windows with your home's aesthetic, creating a captivating ambiance that reflects your unique taste. Elevate your home to new heights of elegance and functionality with GEM Elite Guillotine Windows. Contact us today to embark on this exquisite journey and transform your space into a timeless masterpiece.

Technical Specifications & Warranties

Standard Options

  • Aluminum Alloy frame

  • Double-tempered Glass

  • 1.4mm - 2.0mm Profile Thickness

  • Sound and Heat Insulation


Additional Options

  • Electric Roller Screen / Handrail

  • Colour Customization

  • Wall Switch / Remote Control

  • Optional Standby Power Supply

  • IR Safety Features



GEM offers quality lifetime warranty on most windows, check with your sales representative for full details. 

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