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Patio Doors

Aluminum Patio Doors
Vinyl Patio Doors

GEM Windows & Doors is proud of the wide collection of patio doors we offer, with options in vinyl, aluminum and aluminum clad to choose from. You can access the outside the way you want with multiple styles and customizations. 

GEM works with the industry’s best manufacturers who put quality and care into their patio doors. All patio doors we offer are Energy Star Rated and durable for use in all weather conditions. Patio doors also come with the option to be customized with different paint finishes and attractive accessories, like grills. Our patio doors also come with options for extra security such as a guardian lock, kick lock and security bar.   Contact GEM to discuss the best patio door for you.

Aluminum Patio Doors

Aluminum patio doors stand apart with their unrivalled energy performance. Composed of clean simple lines, well-paired hardware and high-quality glass these doors will blend perfectly into your home. Aluminum patio doors are thermally broken, durable and easy to use. With low maintenance and excellent security, aluminum patio doors are structurally designed, innovative, and award-winning. Aluminum doors are strong and allow for much larger sizes and configurations.


Aluminum Clad

Aluminum-clad patio doors provide you with the best of both worlds: structure and style. Exterior aluminum allows for sleek lines while the stainable or paintable wood interior brings in a warm feel. This door is available in many configurations and can be oversized where vinyl or aluminum can not. This line is a great compliment to the aluminum-clad windows we carry.


Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl patio doors have a sleek design and smooth performance with exceptional versatility. Vinyl patio doors are designed with the goal of easy installation and easy everyday use. Vinyl patio doors also come standard with a sliding screen. Purchasing a high-quality patio door with outstanding efficiency from GEM gives your home a signature look. Available in standard and custom sizes and in multiple panel configurations. For a better look at the style of sliding patio door perfect for your home, check out the gallery below.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

GEM’s aluminum doors are highly customizable and we work with you to find the right product to suit your look and budget. Each product line comes with its own specification and warranty. Speak with your GEM Windows & Doors specialist to find out more. 

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