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Making your home more energy efficient has never been easier and more rewarding. The Canadian Government has announced the ‘Greener Home Grant’. This program provides financial incentive to upgrade your home. 


By replacing your windows and doors you may be eligible for up to $5,000 in grants. GEM is proud to have a selection of windows, doors and patio doors that are eligible under the Greener Home Grant requirements.

How it works:

Step 1 - Register for the Greener Home program *

Step 2 - Book your EnerGuide evaluation **

Step 3 - Perform eligible retrofits

Step 4 - Submit receipts for reimbursement ***


*Proof of ownership required

** Homeowner responsibility to pay for evaluation, homeowners can apply for reimbursement up to $600. All Energystar labels must remain on until after the post EnerGuide evaluation.

***All documents must be kept until March 31, 2028


For more information contact a GEM representative from your quote on eligible Greener Home Grant products. 



GEM Windows and Doors is not responsible for the Government grant application process. GEM Windows and Doors does not guarantee the greener home grant eligibility or grant amount. Greener Home Grant information to be provided upon work being completed and account in good standing. Proof of window and door eligibility required.