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Vinyl Windows

The vinyl window industry has come a long way from its origins. Manufactured with high-quality materials, vinyl windows have become one of the most versatile window options in the marketplace. These quality products meet and exceed Energy Star requirements with the combination of structured vinyl and glass units.  Using thermally efficient material,  vinyl windows are available with stylish and modern designs to complement any home. Vinyl is a cost-effective option that still has a high-end architectural look. GEM offers a complete line of vinyl windows below, that will be the perfect addition to your home. 


Changing the windows on your home can give it a whole new look or increase your home's energy efficiency, why not do both? The GEM Transitional Window, locally manufactured, uses modern methods to create one of the most comprehensive UPVC windows in the marketplace. With the GEM Transitional Window, you can have a classic look with modern-day technology and function. Our transitional window is a high-end premium vinyl window that is crafted with superior hardware and finishes. The distinguished look of the bevelled stops keeps the style from getting too modern, regardless of the colour.  Available in a selection of operations, paint colours,  glass and grill designs. The GEM Transitional Window is a great upgrade to any home. Check out our gallery for design options. 


For a modern look, the GEM Contemporary Window is your number one choice. These high-quality, energy-efficient, and stylish vinyl windows provide a rich look to any home without breaking the bank.  The sleek contemporary design and innovative manufacturing are what make this window a powerful industry leader. Complete with a straight-edge exterior frame, this modern design gives more glass area compared to other vinyl windows allowing more natural light. All operating models are mechanically simple to use and require low maintenance. GEM Contemporary Windows are also available in slider models, a good choice in tight or high-traffic spaces.  Swipe through our gallery below for styles and details.


The simplest definition of egress is “a way out”. Egress windows can provide an emergency escape as required by many building codes. To qualify as an egress window there are three things the window must comply with:

  • Can be opened from the inside without the use of tools

  • Has an unobstructed open portion with a minimum of 3.767 square feet

  • No size is less than 14.96”

For exact requirements and exclusions please visit:

GEM provides a selection of windows that can qualify as egress such as sliders, tilt and turn, and hopper window. The hopper window was built specifically to be an access window, and its ease of use will match your home's style and give you peace of mind. Escape your worries and any emergency by having an egress window installed in your home today.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turns have been the prominent window choice in Europe and are now making big strides here in North America. Tilt and turn windows have two main operating features. The Side-hinge allows for full 90-degree opening inwards for maximum ventilation and is easy to clean.  Secondly, for quick ventilation a twist of the handle allows the top of the window to tilt in. Every tilt-and-turn window is equipped with a multipoint latch system and a distinctive European handle design. A tilt-and-turn window adds style and innovation to any room.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

All of GEM’s vinyl windows are made from virgin vinyl. What does that mean? Virgin vinyl is first time use, it is not recycled and does not need chemicals to give it, it’s cream/white base. Some competitors use recycled vinyl that can cause a blue/white base or require additives to reach a white. GEM’s windows have strong multipoint latch hardware that allows for large sizes and functionality. GEM can provide vinyl windows for most openings. 


Standard features 

  • 3-¼” Frame

  • Hardware & screen on operators

  • Exterior accessory options include brickmould and j-trims

  • Interior accessories include jamb extensions and returns

  • Double glazed LoE and Argon


Additional Options

  • Factory paint finish for interior and exterior

  • Upgraded glass (triple glazed or increased LoE coatings)

  • Grills or textured glass

  • Upgraded hardware and hardware finishes


GEM offers quality lifetime warranty on most vinyl windows. 


For further details on our warranty click here

Glossary of Terms

ENERGY STAR - A volunteer organization that is in partnership with industry leaders and the Government of Canada to ensure high efficiency products. GEM is the winner of the ENERGY STAR Retailer of the year award for 2018/2019.


Multipoint Latch - Uses a single latch to engage multiple locks around the windows for stability and safety, great for a tight seal. 


LoE - Low emissivity glass (LoE) is a thin metallic layer that is applied directly to a glass (glazing) surface. A basic coat is virtually invisible, as more layers are added a slight change in tint may occur. 


Argon Gas -An odourless and colourless inert gas that helps to reduce heat transfer through the glass.  


Double glazed - Two single pieces of glass with a spacer create a double glazed unit. One or more glass pieces may have a LoE coating.  Between the glass the spacers keep the moisture, air and debris out of the unit while keeping the argon gas in. 


Triple glazed - Three single pieces of glass with 2 spacers create a triple glazed unit. One or more glass pieces may have a LoE coating.  Between the glass the spacers keep the moisture, air and debris out of the unit while keeping the argon gas in. 

Tilt and Turn
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